An evening of gallows humour – ‘Hanging’, at Greater Manchester Fringe.

I read an article once which gave a rundown – nay, a gallery, of last meal choices from death row. It was brilliant. It was food porn. It was deeply inappropriate to enjoy the article. And this is my confession, I do often think about what gastronomic decision I’d make on death row. I’m not planningContinue reading “An evening of gallows humour – ‘Hanging’, at Greater Manchester Fringe.”

Theatre review – The Fishermen at HOME Mcr

It’s always an exciting thing to attend a world premiere production of…well anything, really. Not least when you get to see it before it hits Edinburgh Fringe audiences. Certainly not least when you’re not getting to Edinburgh Fringe yourself (although, fear not as there is plenty to entertain on our good own Mancunian doorstep of course). AndContinue reading “Theatre review – The Fishermen at HOME Mcr”

Theatre review – Sherlock Holmes – The Final Curtain at the Opera House

I’m going to start with a sincere apology to Liza Goddard. She has such a wealth of stage experience behind her, that for me to bring up the Give Us a Clue theme tune seems very wrong. I know I shouldn’t mention it but it’s like a scratch I have to itch. Please forgive me reader andContinue reading “Theatre review – Sherlock Holmes – The Final Curtain at the Opera House”