Theatre Review – Now or Never by Circa Tsuica – aka what did I just see?

I haven’t been to the circus since 1985. Well that was true until a couple of weeks ago. Circuses (circii?) are like buses etc etc. People with a passion for reading about circus-based shows showing in Manchester in August by a local blogger, will be familiar with the anecdote told in my post Theatre review:Continue reading “Theatre Review – Now or Never by Circa Tsuica – aka what did I just see?”

Penguin Pride – less a review, more a tribute

I will write about anything.  Wax lyrical, opine, muse, reminisce, waffle, bore – whatever you want to call it. It’s my comfort zone. In this, my blog, all is in the context of Manchester – this wonderful city and my home for the last 18 years. Be it food, music, art, theatre, people, trams, bees,Continue reading “Penguin Pride – less a review, more a tribute”

Theatre review: Switch and Tipping Point

I last went to the circus in Great Yarmouth circa 1985. Obviously this was a remarkable feat considering I hadn’t yet been born. Ok, I’d been born a bit and enough to remember the thrills, spills, gasps and heart-stopping happenings that went on – and that was before we’d set foot in the ‘big-top’. MyContinue reading “Theatre review: Switch and Tipping Point”