Grayson’s Art Club – The Exhibition (Manchester Art Gallery)

There were a few things that saved my sanity during the year of we dare not speak its name (although let’s be fair, its heir apparent promised so much but whilst the start left a lot to be desired, we’re slowly but surely seeing the light at the end of the tunnel). I thank theContinue reading “Grayson’s Art Club – The Exhibition (Manchester Art Gallery)”

New Mcr filmmaker podcast debuts from Serious Feather You may remember back in December I told you about the Manchester film company Serious Feather and their debut feature, Nobody Loves You and You Don’t Deserve To Exist… The low budget, experimental film is about a man, who, following the death of his best friend, begins to experience psychotic episodes as heContinue reading “New Mcr filmmaker podcast debuts from Serious Feather”

Shed Seven releases new live album featuring legendary Mcr gig

Remember that balmy day back in June 2018, when the socialising was anything but distant, substantial meals were for wimps masks were for gimps (it rhymes, I have no choice). And the mighty Sheds graced our tier-free little Castlefield Bowl in Manchester? I do, it was immense and now we can relive those blessed timesContinue reading “Shed Seven releases new live album featuring legendary Mcr gig”