Find My Wines – a wine awards world first!

You will be familiar with Manchester’s very own People’s Choice Wine Awards, an annual event where we, the happy, passionate consumers get to lend our opinions, alongside the professionals of the wine world, in order to crown the year’s top tipples.

You can read more about my own experience of being a judge and attending the awards event here…

Well it gets better. Whilst we all have preferences; white over red, sparkling over ‘still’, dry over sweet, our lives fall into a series of moods and occasions, as mirrored by the categories in the People’s Choice Wine Awards itself.

Well those lovely Awards people have just made our quest for the perfect wine pairing so much easier.

The People’s Choice Wine Awards site now includes a search tool called Find My Wines, whereby you can filter through all the stand-out wines from 2021, via occasion and then colour/style.

Categories include:

  • Asian Cuisine
  • Celebration
  • Easy Weekday
  • Hearty Wines
  • Mindful Drinking
  • Night In
  • Out of the Ordinary; and
  • Outdoors.

Visit and happy hunting!

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