BuzzBallz cocktails – game, set and match to Bunny Jackson’s Manchester, as host of first UK pour

Cocktails have been enjoying their time in the sun once again and any respectable joint worth their salted rim will offer you a cocktail list.

And whilst they come in a variety of shapes and sizes (it can be a bit of a Russian roulette experience as to what’s coming and whether it presents in a generous fish bowl or mean-spirited little thimble), I’ve never seen them come quite like this.

Whilst nestled in a deck chair on First Street, watching Djokovic serving up a storm in the semi-final on Wimbledon centre court, Bunny Jackson’s was bringing to us the first UK pour of American’s biggest selling single-serve premixed cocktails.

These spherical little fellas are BuzzBallz and having shown up for the first pour all just for you, I’m here to tell you that they pack a hell of a punch for such a cute little drink. They might look fun but they’re a serious business and strictly adult-only.

All 200ml balls are 13.5 per cent abv, made with premium spirits and bursting with real fruit juice, and natural flavours, I was told.

But how could I be sure this would all lead to a delightful drink experience? There was clearly work to be done and both I and the cocktails were…

Ready to drink 😉

Six varieties to try, I delegated the creamier options to my plus 1, with me taking on the fruitier flavours on offer. How very professional and organised of us.

Tequila ‘Rita was my favourite, so much so that i had a second just to make sure I was right.

I was right.

Close behind was the Strawberry ‘Rita. Word of warning, make sure you pour it down your throat, not your top. Pretty colour though (and it washed out so bonus points awarded).

A mess of a human being

Finally the Chili Mango and ooh what a kick, the heat hitting the back of the throat in a satisfying way.

Plus 1 took his task seriously and took on his trio of tipples with gay abandon, great aplomb and absolute gusto. What a trooper.

Choc Tease is definitely one for the Baileys lovers (can I say that?). Naughty but nice on many levels. The Lotta Colada was a veritable coconut in a can, and finally the ultimate test, the Espresso Martini.

With this name there really is nowhere to hide and given the popularity of this cocktail type, expectations are high. Verdict? A great version of an Espresso Martini – who needs floating coffee beans?

That’s all well and good, but how can you be sure yourselves?

Well good news. BuzzBallz are not just for me, my plus 1, for first pours or for Wimbledon semi-finals. Those fun little ball-shaped cans of cocktails are behind the bar now at Bunny Jackson’s.

Not only that, the First Street dive bar will be running a deal for a bucket of three BuzzBallz for £15.

Not even kidding and who can resist a bucket?

Bunny Jackson’s are also be upping its game with a Wing Wagon – a 40ft long Winnebago, yes 40, converted into an al fresco chicken bus, complete with deck chairs, loungers, and its famous 25p wings – positioned next to its big screen showing more sporting events this summer.   

Bunny Jackson’s Mof Gimmers, says

BuzzBallz Cocktails have landed in the UK in a big way so for us to be the first bar to serve them is a big deal. We know Mancunians are going to love them – there are six great flavours, they look great, taste amazing and add to the fun of a night out in town…But come quick, we book up fast and the good weather will encourage Mancunians to do what they do best – having fun in the sun!”

But again, whilst my written word is my blogger’s bond, see for yourself, and visit the Bunny Jackson’s website to find out more and to book a space:

With thanks to Francesca and Rachel at Crate Communicatioms.

Words, opinions and hangover very much my own.

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