Review: Kingdom – part of Viva festival at HOME

Tensions were reaching fever pitch last night.

Two words, two cities – on everyone’s minds, on everyone’s lips, up and down Deansgate, in squares…

Albert, Exchange, Peter’s,  Anne’s – all the squares.



And as we headed to the theatre of dreams, we knew that this date would be imprinted on our memories for the rest of our lives.

That theatre is HOME Mcr. Where one Barcelona based theatre company, Senor Serrano, came face to face with some Manchester based audience members.

Basically I’m making a point that Kingdom, headlining Viva Festival, had a few parallels with the Champions League football game going on in Manchester between United and Barcelona, ok?

Where I go next is…actually I have no idea.

There is no way I can describe what I witnessed within Theatre 1 last night that will make any sort of sense. But I think I can praise the creativity, the talent (musical, poetic, artistic, vocal, dance…) of the five men that took us all on a journey, nay a trip

and it really did feel like a ‘trip’

as in the midst of a cloud of marijuana smoke, they made us realise what we’d known all along but never dared to say out loud

Bananas are the lynchpin of society and where we will find all our answers.

Do you know what? I’m going to leave this one here.

And say get yourselves down to HOME Mcr until Saturday 13 April.

Hear rap, hear music, see strobe lighting, inhale weed (through your ever open mouth) and learn why the book of Genesis has been leading us astray all this time.

It’s performance theatre on acid.

King Kong.

Sexy bananas.

(It’s bloody brilliant).

Kingdom at HOME


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