Film Review: Tenet

This was my first visit to the cinema in months and since lockdown.

As it was a sole visit in a reviewing capacity, it mattered not that I was socially distanced.

Other measures taken were a groovy one way system and hand sanitiser stations.

Elbows flailing to their hearts content, I settled down (extra points for the reclining chairs in screen 1 of the Vue Cinema at The Lowry).


The facemask.

It was going to take a special kind of film to distract me from the facemask. At 150 minutes, this was going to be a whole lot of facemask.

Up for the challenge was Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, a palindromic promise of international action, espionage and time-travel. But not as you know it…

credit: Melinda Sue Gordon, Warner Bros

Read my full review of Tenet on my sister blog What the Projectionist Saw –

On general release in cinemas across Greater Manchester from Wednesday 26 August including

Vue: Manchester Quayside Cinema

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