A welcome HOME on 4 September?

There’s light at the end of a very long and dark tunnel, my friends.

We all know the worries and concerns for the theatre, and indeed arts and entertainment industry as a collective.

But as 4 July becomes some sort of D-day, a heralding of freedom, venues who have been left out of the loop have started to look ahead to their own release, so to speak.

What joy to see an email from HOME Mcr in my inbox with a cautious date for reopening.

No, you’re crying…

Mark your calendars, digital and otherwise – HOME hope to thrown open their doors and welcome us back 4 September to their cinemas, bars and restaurants, with hope for their galleries and theatres to open later that month.

Can’t cinemas open in July?

I hear you cry?

Well yes, there’s your multiplexes, and that’s fine (and exciting), but as HOME Executive Director, Jon Gilchrist explains, it may not be quite time for the indies…

While we are aware that the Government has stated cinemas may reopen from 4 July, this is not the best option for many independent cinemas like ourselves, whose programmes do not focus on the Summer blockbusters.

Instead we want to take the time to ensure that we have time to make the necessary adjustments to the building, and to speak to our audiences about how they can be involved in our plans.

So there you have it.

The cultural sector has, and continues to, feel the huge financial impact that lockdown has had, but there is hope.

And that hope comes in the shape of a date on your calendars, at least for HOME – 4 September 2020.

In the meantime, HOME continues to work with colleagues from across the country to make the case to Government for more support to help the sector recover, and supporting initiatives including the GM Artists Hub and the National Freelance Task Force.

Also check out their ongoing series of online commissions, in the shape of their Homemakers programme.

I look forwarding to ringing more dates on my calendar from other theatre venues both in the Greater Manchester region, and across the country.

I miss you all. Even the wonky seats.

For more information, visit their website at homemcr.org

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