FilmFear festival returns to Manchester – tickets now on sale

It’s back. FilmFear returns to HOME this Hallowe’en and this year, slightly beyond, with an extended programme of chills, thrills and downright blood spills.

Running from Wednesday 28 October to Thursday 5 November, Film4 and HOME have co-curated a line-up (coined Scream Now, Think Later) of modern genre classics that sink their teeth into politics, race, sexuality, social issues and more. But most of all scare the pants off you (put them back on though please, nobody needs that – we’ve enough going on).

Included in the fright fest (oh come on, it was only a matter of time before I used the alliterative scary mainstay of ‘fright fest’ – 3rd paragraph, not bad), this year is:

Wes Craven’s The People Under The Stairs, a savage slice of Regan-era urban gothic (oh yes) and Philip Kaufman’s 1978 sci-fi thriller, the classic Invasion Of The Body Snatchers, starring Donald Sutherland and legend in his own lifetime, Jeff Goldblum.

Parasite Oscar winner, Bong Joon-Ho brings The Host, an aquatic creature feature (I love that phrase, wish it was mine), and there’s a London Underground creature feature (not quite the same ring to it) from the 1972 film Death Line, starring Donald Pleasence and Christopher Lee. And you thought you had it bad having to wear a mask on the Metro.

Whilst the remake should have hit cinemas this month (you’ve gone too far this time Covid), the classic Candyman, will be playing, all restored, pretty and downright polished.

The programme also crosses over with HOME’s Viva! Spanish and Latin American Festival with a celebration of Spanish horror maestro, Chico, including a double bill of El asfalto and La Residencia.

Tickets and full details of FilmFear 2020: Scream Now, Think Later can be found here.

Interested in FilmFears gone by? Check out my reviews and write-ups below:

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