Mcr film company, Serious Feather, teases debut feature

I was going to put the title of the film in the title of this blog post. But this would have led to the piece being a little top heavy and in danger of being all title and no content.

Nobody Loves You and You Don’t Deserve to Exist

is quite frankly an excellent name for a film though.

But forgive any unintentional ‘glibness’, given that this story is semi-autobiographical.

The low-budget, experimental feature film is about a man who, following the death of his best friend, begins to experience psychotic episodes as he comes to terms with his past and his identity.

Brett Gregory, writer and director, tells how after a series of personal tragedies between 2010-2016 left him feeling like he had nowhere to go, cinema became his saviour,

There comes a time in your life when you’ve lost absolutely everything – that you just have to simply believe. So I chose to believe in cinema, the transformative and cathartic power of cinema.

A passion project indeed.

Worthy of our attention already, there’s a further element to this film though which all mancunians (actual and honorary) and mancophiles will appreciate, with the cinematography lending its focus to Manchester’s gothic architecture. canals, paths, streets and crevices.

I recall a visiting friend asking which Mancunian landmarks they should have their picture taken against.

No one landmark, I replied. The city itself is the backdrop.

How do I get all that in one selfie, she asked.

She had a point.

But it’s true – we don’t need one iconic building to scream ‘Manchester for us’.

Indeed the cityscape has never been so varied and exciting, but along the frequent newbies scraping the skies like never before, sits the old and the classic.

As visiting film crews setting up shop in Stevenson Square every other week will tell you, no soundstage in the world can live upto the buildings and streets of our lovely city in providing a natural backdrop to the dramatic tale.

And so it’s a joy that Manchester’s very own independent film crew, Serious Feather, are behind this self-funded film.

Freelance technicians, musicians. designers and university film graduates alongside an impressive range of North West professional and semi-professional actors (including David Howell – Brassic, Coronation Street, Hollyoaks; Julie Hannah – The Matriarch, Elizabeth is Missing; Wendy Patterson – Shameless, Coronation Street) collaborated on the no-pay project, even during a global pandemic that as we know is hitting the arts particularly hard and cruelly.

If all this isn’t enough to keep you in a holding position until the film comes out in early 2021, this dark, breath-holding trailer certainly will:

Can’t wait to catch this feature and, indeed, further showcase for the city we all know and love.

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