New album from Mcr’s The Electric Stars drops December 21

What do you mean there’s nothing to look forward to, we have no future, 2020 has nothing to offer us mancunians actuary, honorary or passing through (controversial – stick to your own tiered up towns, we’ve got enough problems).

Retro rock and roll band, The Electric Stars, are bringing their brand new album, Velvet Elvis: The only lover left alive to the table.

Released on Stoned Gospel Records, the album crashes through into our lives 21 December 2020 (see, there is hope on the other side of old LD 2.0, Tier 3 50.0).

For those not already in the know, it’s been 10 years since the Manchester band released Sonic Candy Soul , an album which has been described as

a box of psychedelic pop candy treats

and took listeners on a ‘kaleidoscopic trip into a rock and roll paradise overflowing with beautiful music.’

I think we’d all agree that that is somewhere we’d like to be right now. Bet rock and roll paradise isn’t in tier 3.

Any old how, for those wondering how anything could surpass this, Velvet Elvis promises to be worth the wait, with ’12 songs of mesmerising quality’, telling a story that ‘runs through the soul of all great rock and roll music’.

The band first formed back in 2011 with a mission for ‘original rock n roll that inspires’, and certainly have enough in their tool kit to reach all manner of music fans, writing songs which visit all ends of the scale, from the whimsical manner of The Kinks, to the downright ‘violence’ of The Sex Pistols.

Having rubbed shoulders on stage with The Charlatans, Kaiser Chiefs and one Jefferson Airplane no less, thank you very much, the guys have also worked with Middleton massives The Mock Turtles, and Hulme’s beautiful Denise Johnson who we sadly lost this year.

So (hands, face) race over to pre-order your copy of Velvet Elvis: The only lover left alive from the band’s website,

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